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Doma serves excellent Japanese cafe food - sushi, salads, burgers. Federal is an interesting village

Doma Cafe, Federal, NSW

Doma Cafe, Federal

Sunday Nov 3, 

Dec 8th

 12-3 pm

Titbits most Tuesdays, Bangalow Hotel

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Val Ockert - Stop Kicking My Dog

Byron, NSW

0400 148 778

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It's history.....

Cartoonist, children’s book author, anthropologist and multi-instrumentalist Val Ockert crafts powerful, soaring melodies with global imagery.

Well-known for his satirical toilet paper lampooning the Australian prime minister, John Howard, Val is a complex, humble character who considers song-writing as a life-long catharsis rather than a career move. His poetry reveals a profound longing for resolution. 

Whenever Val plays a raucous venue, the room is instantly chilled into a place of smiling, pacified listeners. You can smell the sweat and feel the tears that have gone into creating his clever, observational lyrics, accompanied by a lived-in voice full of gritty emotion.

Australian now, Canadian-bred, influenced by Irish music, alternate Country, 1950’s waltz, jazz and folk, Val often brings together an eclectic mix of talented musicians to soothe the heart in a troubled world. Val is joined by Tracey Stride on keyboard, banjo and charango.

On his first album, “Lane Hog Mind with a Timid Heart”, Val considers himself blessed to play with Tracey Stride on keyboards and vocal, Slim Pickens on vocals, double bass, guitar, organ and percussion, Dr. Baz (Barry Ferrier) on lead guitar and accordion, with Neil McCann on drums. Together they comprise over 300 years of inspired musicianship!

Music seems to come so simply to some people. Val is one of those people.​

"Val is one of those mad musicians, a songwriting maestro, master of many instruments; you never know what you'll learn about next. He's just a little upside down question mark with legs". 

Paul Dover, RoundMountainRehearsals.com 

Past and Current Gigs


Doma Cafe, Federal, NSW Sat. Jan. 19th, June 30th 2019 12-3

2018 was a crap year for us, we had to abandon gigs apart from Bangalow Hotel that year, but we are back!

Splendour In The Grass 2017

Bangalow Brackets Bangalow Hotel every Tuesday night

You wouldn't believe the musicians I get to play with! Come and listen.

Stanthorpe Rocks 2016

Scotts Head Food & Wine Festival 2016

Anthony Lycenko Memorial Nov 14 2017

Vale Anthony.